This section contains a database where evaluators (and not only) may find the “virtual gate” to a large number of different entities involved in evaluation worldwide.

The database was created by QURES as one of the first steps towards the attainment of its “mission” to become a centre of excellence in evaluation, both at national and international levels.

The database is organised in 8 major categories of stakeholders/entities: International Organizations, Governmental Organizations, Associations, NGOs, Education, Platforms, Blogs and Companies involved in evaluation worldwide.

For each type of stakeholder/entity the following information is presented (if available): evaluation guidelines, evaluation standards, evaluation reports, evaluation publications and opportunities, as well as evaluation events, news and vacancies, jobs opportunities and bursary programmes/internships.

The data base will be updated each 6 months. Any suggestions and/or complementary information are welcome and can be sent to Thank you!


I. International Organizations

II. Governmental Organizations

III. Associations


V. Education

VI. Platforms

VII. Blogs

VIII. Companies

IX. Others