QURES QUality REsearch and Support is a young company specialised in development, management, monitoring and evaluation of public interventions. QURES started its activity in the field of EU-funded programmes under the EU Enlargement Cohesion Policies and its expertise has extended over the years to national strategic planning and policy-making, monitoring, project design, management and evaluation. The key principle of QURES expertise is to combine, for the most efficient and effective results, technical expertise with consultancy skills, for a full support of clients and facilitation of new approaches or results utilisation. For this purpose QURES cross-fertilises between research capacities and products and the technical assistance provided to different public and private entities, and thus offers sound, research-based operational solutions for its clients’ needs, solutions used, in extent, to improve M&E systems and performance.

As QURES has lived the momentum gained by performance-geared interventions and evaluation since the 2000’s, it aims to become a centre of excellence in this area, worldwide and at EU level, but particularly in Romania, where evaluation culture and capacity are under development, for on the demand and supply sides.